Need to get rid of some junk? Maybe you need to clean out your garage or entire house. Or do you have a lot of debris from your renovation project or construction clean up? Throw And Go Dumpsters™ provides dumpster rentals. No matter how much or how little junk you have to get rid of, we have a dumpster for you.

Residential home renovation and rehab services. With a team of skilled craftsmen, valued adding renovations is our guarantee. From design to a Regal finish, our renovation team creates your HOME dreams come true. You can trust us to put a Crown on your greatest asset.

Affordable rental properties provided to the communities with the goal of establishing pride in communities through quality homes and respectful service. Rental properties that someone would be proud to call HOME.

Real estate investments acquiring residential properties to rehab and provide varying levels of affordable, decent, safe, and sanitary rental properties to “responsible” tenants with the potential of training them to become viable homeowners.

The House2Home Project is a real estate investment endeavor with a social and community improvement mission.  Focused on investing in the 2 Ps, People and Properties, the goal of the Regal Crowns Group is to invest in the purchase of rental property to be used as a launching pad for homeownership to tenants.  These properties will consist of but not limited to single-family and multi-family homes.  Through a series of phases, Regal Crowns Group plans to purchase homes ranging in value from $20,000 to $1,000,000.